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Enter the stage, get Zombiefied!

 -captured by the zombieficator, showing its makers: Mario Jäkle & Jan Schäfer!

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Grün, grün, grün sind alle mein Zombies!

Dear followers,

first of all, YEEEEEEEEYYY we did it!! We had an awesome head exploding presentation on Wednesday and yesterday we got our diploma certificate. But still the show must go on, one of our activitys for the diploma showroom is the hot button question:

We got some cool reasons that we share with you right on the spot:

yvy pop: After all the human meat they’ve eaten, they probably feel sick.

jachsbox: Menschen haben zu viel Salat gegessen und wurden dadurch zu den allseits gefürchteten grünen Vegi-Zombies. Jetzt brauchen sie Fleisch um so ihre grüne Farbe abzuschwächen.

ZOMBIENEKTAROTTERRIER: Really don’t know, but that is obviously the reason for their bloodlust!

TAPETRVE: The dead hate the living, hence they are green with envy.

 Pete: why not!

silver: They aren’t green.

Anonym: Zu viel Waltmeistergrütze gegessen

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Send a photo, win a gig!

Hey guys,

we present to you our first of many to come, creative contests. And we hit it off big time!

Send us a photo of a self-made papercraft of a character or thing out of the ZOMBASE universe. The entry that gets the most attention and awe, will win! (Of course, we reserve us the right to decide, if there is tie.)

The prize: An appearance in the finalized first Episode of ZOMBASE, break out, break free! I will pixelate you and teleport you into the zombie-crowded streets of Central Peak!

It may be any modded version of an existing papercraft (for example, use Aschaschis ghettoblaster and mod it). e-mail us:! 

You will see the pictures right here in this blog…

Gogogo! With great expectations, truly yours,

the HHCC Team (Madame. A and Miss G.)


Blast some walls, heads and sanity!

Hey slayers of the undead,

it’s Aschaschi speaking! Presentation day is close and we want to thank you guys for wishing us luck! We are actually enjoying to work on the ZOMBASE project very much and hopefully all of those joining us at Merz Akademie will be able to feel that and will get to love the whole colorful package, too! <- That sounds quiet cheesy I know, but … Hey! Non of us slept much during the last weeks ;) !

Anyway: to thank all of you guys, Madame Aschaschi sat down and came up with a little papercraft which she wants to share with you here! I really hope that you will have fun printing, handcrafting and displaying this … all your friends will be jealous if they see your cool and awesome miniature of Lizza’s ghetto blaster! I totally love papercrafts: this one is very, very easy to do, even if you never did one before, so do not hesitate to try! This is just a preview picture! Don’t actually print this one out, the quality is much too low … use the PDF – version that hides behind the download link!

PDF Download Link!

Lizza’s blaster was designed and build by the Prince of Bad Hair! It can spread the beats at more then 140 dB, no wonder she never leaves the house without this mind-fucking party-machine! Grey-Chi also had the idea of adding eyes to the blaster, you could try that, too. Simply draw some eyes on a blank paper and sick them on or draw directly on the blaster. Read the rest of this entry »


Break Out, Break Free!

Dear survivors, Dear zombiefied,

Mona here: in the course of our work on the ZOMBASE concept it was my job to draft a story for the first episode, that is also the first game level.  While I did the transition I stood in close contact to Aschaschi that does the game controls, game play design and the (concepts for the) GUI, so everything will fit together in the end. I really enjoyed to do the sequence concept, it was much fun to get to draw something for a change. Here some words on the process:

The hard thing to do is to keep the cutscene short, to introduce the world, the characters and at the same time to build up suspense and drama. After showing the cutscene it was important to me that the player is ready to go to explore the gameworld without too much chitter chatter about how to control the game, so I broke down the things the player needs to learn into different sequences.

How it will work you can see here (kick on the sketch to enlarge it):

As you can see I used a color code to distinguish between different modes of the game. The orange colored parts are cutscenes. In the yellow colored scenes NPCs will give you stuff or information, and the blue scenes is where you have to maneuver Lizza threw the zombie hordes. The first part is easy, just a bit running and jumping to get to know the surrounding. But soon you will reach a passage where there is no getting threw, like time-square full of zombies. Music is being played anywhere. As the tune changes all zombies on the crossway get pissed off being chased away from the sound. They just can’t stand this particular kind of music Lizza realizes.

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Merry Christmas, gouls!

Hey, beloved readers!

The whole ZOMBASE team wants to wish you a Merry Christmas! Have fun, what ever you do! We hope you will get a lot of presents! And have some time to chill! Lizza got some for you, too! She wanted to show them of, so I did a real quick doodle showing her and all the awesome gifts!

Hugs & Kisses,

the Happy Happy Creepy Cute team (Aschaschi & Grey Chi)


Mr. B’s cruelly delicious Recipes!


Hey undead and quiet lively readers,

it’s time for some happy, happy, creepy, cute recipes that might come in handy when you’re planning your next zombie party or next years Halloween party! Yeah, we know: This is too ghoul to be true!

This year’s party at Mr. B’s rocked so hard we never wanted it to end: We had the creepiest boardgames and talk and our beloved ol’ Captain arranged a lot of spooky, slimy delicious food for us! No one was able to resist the temptation to overindulge! That’s why we thought it would be great to share all the dishes and their recipes with you and lured all the guests into telling us their secret formulas. Read the rest of this entry »