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Beware The Ape, or: Horray to the Music!

Aloha, friends and readers!

This is Grey-Chi speaking: Today we bring you the best news EVER! One of the most talented musicians in town is now on board of our fine production team.

A huge applause for THE APE!!!

We visited him last week in his studio for an exchange of ideas. By now he is working on a fresh concept for “pure base” the music Lone Wolf is dedicated to! It’s quite an impellent style of music, rich in drum, but also with a keen set of elements that are used in a rather reduced fashion, so your ears will generate concentration. This might seem weird but you will soon experience it all by yourself!

 This is a “googoole welcome remix” to you dear Ape: Willkommen und auf gute Zusammenarbeit!!

 the HHCreepyCute gals (Aschaschi & Grey-Chi)!


Meet Lady Panda, the secretive!



Dearest readers,

today we present to you … Lady Panda. As she does not willingly provide any significant information about herself (like she did for all the others) we suggest to just hang on till we take the game into action.

Lady Panda takes a special function in the crew, she acts as the eyes and ears, that go beyond the two pairs of a human. She has proven the ability to gain access to central citys surveillance system, as well as to  keenly acquire any information about a person be it mere gossip or  full-blown facts. Some bad mouths claim half the rumor she trades with is triggered by herself, but as she would say “season every grain of of truth, with some good old fiction, and they’ll be all ears”. She shows remarkable skills in programming and hacking and is therefore the perfect complement to the Prince and his hardware skills. Read the rest of this entry »


Meet Seth, the lone wolf!



Ladies and Gentleman,

we take great honor in being able to introduce to you: Seth Raske, the shadow wolf, the lone hunter and gentle babysitter. We did not spare any efforts in dragging out some well kept secrets that only some members of the crew know about. Secrets that might be based on rumors, but who knows (all intel by Lady Panda). On this file sheet you will see the most fun info about him (e.g. find out what drink is his favorite)!

Lone Wolf  is a hunter but it is also his function to transport some delicate stuff that better not gets seen by the authorities so he is a valuable link to the supply character which use his service for various reasons they do not like to talk about. Good that he tends to be tight-lipped. Read the rest of this entry »


Meet ol’ Captain, the best bartender!



Hey readers,

today we are introducing to you Helena ( but don’t you dare to call her by that name; she prefers her nickname)! Ol’ Captain is the owner of the coolest bar in whole Central City, called Mr. B’s. All different types of crews visit this point of interest and the tasty cake and most adorable coffee in town makes Mr. B’s neutral ground! On this file sheet you can find the most thrilling info about her. Check out her blood type and star signs!

Lizza is a hunter and the ol’ Captain is definitely a supply character, she delivers the best advice, tips and tricks! Read the rest of this entry »


Meet Lizza, our main character!


Hey guys,

today we are introducing to you Lizza, the main character of ZOMBASE! On this file sheet you can find the most important infos about her.

At this point we just want to give one little explanation: There are two professions for crew members; they are either Hunter or Supply! As she is a quiet skilled boxer Lizza is a hunter of cause. We will present each member of the ZOMBASE crew with his own file-sheet during the next weeks, so stay tuned! Read the rest of this entry »


Don’t you dare being shocked …

… about this blogs WORST CASE design! This isn’t final! Here is Aschaschi trying to make this one look great and awesome and lovely! This might take a while and as I am a person of trial and error you will get to see all my errors online, too!


your Happy Happy Creepy Cute team (Aschaschi)



this is the first final layout of our developer’s blog. I hope you like it! Please feel free to write me an eMail (happy_happy_creepy_cute [at] if you miss anything or stumble upon bugs. Enjoy,

your Happy Happy Creepy Cute team (Aschaschi)


Welcome to Megalocity!


Megalocity – Mood Art by Aschaschi /2011

Hello, this is Happy Happy Creepy Cute speaking!

This page is still empty for a particular reason: Our diploma project is to develop a brilliant Nintendo DS zombie game called ZOMBASE, but we are not allowed to do so untill the 1st of October!

But beware: As soon as that date has come you will find the most frilling infos and community activities here! So check back for a lot of wicked, wicked fun,

your Happy Happy Creepy Cute team (Aschaschi & Grey-Chi)