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Meet ol’ Captain, the best bartender!



Hey readers,

today we are introducing to you Helena ( but don’t you dare to call her by that name; she prefers her nickname)! Ol’ Captain is the owner of the coolest bar in whole Central City, called Mr. B’s. All different types of crews visit this point of interest and the tasty cake and most adorable coffee in town makes Mr. B’s neutral ground! On this file sheet you can find the most thrilling info about her. Check out her blood type and star signs!

Lizza is a hunter and the ol’ Captain is definitely a supply character, she delivers the best advice, tips and tricks! Read the rest of this entry »


Lizza’s Wardrobe. Concept Peek!

Hello readers,

today I will show you some of the concept art I did to create Lizza’s tomboy-like look! This files are fresh from my drawing table, and I am glad that the time has come to show them to you!

With her being 16 years old Lizza is a quiet young game heroine. Some characteristics: She is very energetic, vivid, fighter and also sort of stubborn, with a strange sense of humor and “Couldn’t be buggered!”-attitude. All in all, she is a colorful person and it was obvious from the start that her outfit will come in many different poppy colors, too. (If you may wonder why the concept art shown here is mainly black and white, that’s because I find playing with forms and different elements much easier when done without colors. And the main focus lies on finding the perfect ensemble first, doesn’t it.) One tip: Click on the concept art, to see it in full size and quality!

Step one was to find a look and a hairdo quiet individual and also rebellious. I tried various styles, as you can see, and some of them look quiet familiar as they contain well-known standard elements of  Hip Hop fashion. Some of the designs look more sporty then others, and I was quiet content that the final version should have at least on sporty element. After painting her in three more or less casual outfits I decided to take another look at my very early “Blood&Base” sketches and I found some inspiration in them that made me draw design No. 1 (on the left)!

I was (and I still am) very happy with this design, thinking that it fits her character perfectly! Just some light changes may be made … so one may already say: design No. 1 shows our main character’s final look. Read the rest of this entry »


Meet Lizza, our main character!


Hey guys,

today we are introducing to you Lizza, the main character of ZOMBASE! On this file sheet you can find the most important infos about her.

At this point we just want to give one little explanation: There are two professions for crew members; they are either Hunter or Supply! As she is a quiet skilled boxer Lizza is a hunter of cause. We will present each member of the ZOMBASE crew with his own file-sheet during the next weeks, so stay tuned! Read the rest of this entry »


Soon we will take you on a stroll …

Hallo, dearest readers!

This is Aschaschi speaking. As you already might know, if you read our Tweets, we are quite busy working on ZOMBASE; and we really are looking forward to take you on a stroll around Megalocity (our game’s world) soon. There are many nice characters to meet (some of them actually joined our Twitter-conversations already!!!), strange new places to see and new things to learn about potential upcoming zombie apocalypses!

But befor we talk about the future of ZOMBASE, I really wanted to tell you some about it’s past!

We were asked why we decided to make a zombie game. And the answer sounds pretty cheesy: I had a dream about this game years ago! To be more concrete: Back then I dreamt of something one might call a “post apocalyptic ego shooter with RPG elements” best. And throughout we are now going to make ZOMBASE a cross-medial thing and the actual game parts present themselves in the manner of pixelated platformer games, the main character I met in my dream still has quiet some in common with the final main character we’ve created now and also a ghetto blaster and music will still play an important role.

In 2009 I’ve drawn some very rough’n'tough sketches showing the main character and some of the zombified monsters for the potential shooter! Even through this early concepts do not have much in common with the final look of the ZOMBASE game we are going to develope now, I still think that they should get some space here!

Very early Concept Arts for Blood&Base (now ZOMBASE) by Aschaschi / 2009

By the way: We didn’t plan to use the actual zombie hype for our own, but now we have to deal with the fact that we are “en vogue” (that is a new experience and actually sort of creepy, too) and may be that will prove to be a good thing! We can find a lot of inspiration around and we will hopefully be able to break with the dark and gothic like aspects that seem to come in a fix bundle with the idea of zombies. Read the rest of this entry »