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Megalocity – Mood Art by Aschaschi /2011

Hello, this is Happy Happy Creepy Cute speaking!

This page is still empty for a particular reason: Our diploma project is to develop a brilliant Nintendo DS zombie game called ZOMBASE, but we are not allowed to do so untill the 1st of October!

But beware: As soon as that date has come you will find the most frilling infos and community activities here! So check back for a lot of wicked, wicked fun,

your Happy Happy Creepy Cute team (Aschaschi & Grey-Chi)

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8 Awesome Responses.

  • The “Happy Creepy Cute team”?

    • Aschaschi

      Hey Yoshi, great you are here … I am scripting my hands of designing this blog at the moment! Yeah! You said we could give us two girls a name, so we went for Happy Happy Creepy Cute! As soon as this thing here really get’s a kick start and REAL posts I would like to add your logo, too! Also it would be great if you would write some words about you, because we should make an introduction page for us all of us, our programmer included! :) !

      • YoshiInAVoid

        The site looks very good so far, I like the theme.

        Who else is on the team? I know only of three people so far, me, you and Mona (I think). Do you have a music or sound person yet? Because if not, then I know a good person for the job but if you do then that’s fine as well.

        I see that you edited my logo and put it up on the site. I really like the improvements you made to it!

        • Aschaschi

          Hey Yoshi, it’s mainly the three of us! Steve did two sounds already, but if you know a talented person, that has some “hiphop” music related skills, too, then why shouldn’t we also give a chance to another talented artist! You can ask him if he feels up to the challenge! I would be glad! :) I will mail you today … hopefully I will be able to test the file you’ve send me later.

          • YoshiInAVoid

            I see that you made a logo for the HHCC. I’ll add it into the splash screen as soon as possible.

            I’ll contact him by his YouTube account and see if he is up to the challange!

  • Aschaschi

    That would be great! I love the idea of having more then one talented “sound designer”! This will give the game a great soundtrack! :)

  • hey yoshi, nice to see ya and welcome to the post! i am very much lookin forward to work with you.

    @Ai, i realy digg the first mood art of the city! nether the less i would propose to include more lights.

    • Aschaschi

      Yeah, yah! Going for more light is a pretty good idea! We will see where the next concepts will lead us to.

      Yes, I hope we will have a lot of fun working on this project together and I also hope that the people out there will have a lot of fun reading our blog! Let’s enjoy this! :)

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