Meet ol’ Captain, the best bartender!



Hey readers,

today we are introducing to you Helena ( but don’t you dare to call her by that name; she prefers her nickname)! Ol’ Captain is the owner of the coolest bar in whole Central City, called Mr. B’s. All different types of crews visit this point of interest and the tasty cake and most adorable coffee in town makes Mr. B’s neutral ground! On this file sheet you can find the most thrilling info about her. Check out her blood type and star signs!

Lizza is a hunter and the ol’ Captain is definitely a supply character, she delivers the best advice, tips and tricks!

Although she is not as much of a communicator as Lizza and PureFlavNandina (you will find out more about her next week) she gave her eMail – address, her Facebook ID and Twitter nickname to us! If you want to ask her any question or just want to stay in contact with her: Try it this way! She is looking forward to it!

Again: Feel free to post your thoughts of this new introduction sheet and rock on,

your Happy Happy Creepy Cute team (Aschaschi & Grey-Chi)

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5 Awesome Responses.

  • Aschaschi

    I love this character and I hope that you will get to like her, too! It’s very hard to tell which chara is my fav, but … she is top of my list most of the time! I am looking forward to show her concept art to you!

  • I guess this favoritism is because she wares your style of clothes ^^ of course she is also the eldest and wisest in comparison to the 2 hot headed young shots Lizza and Lady P.

  • Aschaschi

    And I am old and wise, too? ;P! But I guess you are right … I would definitly wear her final outfit … as I said befor: I would kill for black leather western boots.

    • noOne

      for black leather boots: you should kill a black sheep, i here they are easy to spot and no one seems to like them anyway. But i am not sure they’d make good boots. I here they tend to bite too. And if you slip into their skin thy will terrifyingly itch and you will want to slip out as soon as possible but you can’t anymore course they bite, as you know. They will chew your legs off ; leave you with stomps; spit you out and laugh. so oooh NO you don’t wanna kill the black sheep in the end, at all.

  • gorjuss

    naaah, old is never wise girls! But i guess if she’s worked at a bar for 10 years, she must know how people do their business and how to treat them if they act up. I’m looking forward to see her in some serious action.

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