Mr. B’s cruelly delicious Recipes!


Hey undead and quiet lively readers,

it’s time for some happy, happy, creepy, cute recipes that might come in handy when you’re planning your next zombie party or next years Halloween party! Yeah, we know: This is too ghoul to be true!

This year’s party at Mr. B’s rocked so hard we never wanted it to end: We had the creepiest boardgames and talk and our beloved ol’ Captain arranged a lot of spooky, slimy delicious food for us! No one was able to resist the temptation to overindulge! That’s why we thought it would be great to share all the dishes and their recipes with you and lured all the guests into telling us their secret formulas.

So here you go, guys! Top secret tips for the perfect Halloween feast. We will start of with the hearty meal and then switch to the sweet desserts. One tip: Click on the cards to check them out in fullsize!

As starter we suggest bloody fingers: You might want to lay all the fingers you accidentally chopped  off over the year on ice. With this recipe in mind you’ll never again have to hesitate in the gushy use of diverse tools like knives, hedge trimmers or chainsaws.

Hmmmm, just like fresh from the grave. One tip: to give it a breath taking dangerous edge, try it with raw potatoes. The outcome will transform your looks into a totally real and freakin’ scary zombie interpretation in just 5 days. Too bad you will not have the chance to post those photos on fb afterwards .


Rumors say some old forest wrench used to lure children into the forest with sweets calling out to them “Hey my little pumpkin, come my little pumpkin!”. We tried that… Didn’t work! Maybe you’ll have more luck. Be sure to leave out the chicken-broth if you succeed they do not go well together. Also remember: “Cook until pumpkin is tender!”


One special tip: Mingle some glow in the dark powder into the white chocolate. Play the game: Eat as many as you can, without puking, with as many people you can get a hold of. Then install a photo over your toilet. Some of you will surely underestimate the sweetness of this little skulls. Photograph the puke in the dark, than assemble the photos on one large poster. You can decorate your toilet door with it. (P.s. if you really dare to try this. Please send us a copy (of the poster not of the puke)!

Uhhh, they are so cuddly cute. No further nonsense to tell about this recipe. They taste delicious and look adorable.

For us it was a evening full of splendid food tattle and laughter. We hope you will celebrate these snacks as much as we did. If you have any recipes or suggestions post them, or a link to them, OR you might as well send them to us! We would like to do a re-issue where your formula could hit it off and save the night!

So long, enjoy the meal,

yours always,  happy ‘n’ happy, creepy and oh so cute (Aschaschi & Grey – Chi)

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9 Awesome Responses.

  • JoJi85

    hey Leute, ich bin nicht so gewandt im Englischen deswegen schreib ich euch jetzt einfach mal auf Deutsch! Danke für die Einladung zu eurer Party! Ich fand besonders die CupCakes ganz arg toll. Es ist echt schade das ihr von der anderen Sorte gar keine Fotos hier gepostet habt, aber man kann ja auch nicht immer alles posten. Ich schetze wer die Party verpasst hat der ist selbst schuld. Alles liebe, die Josephine

  • hey JoJi, echt super das es dir gefallen hat. Uns auf deutsch zu schreiben ist gar kein problem! Die posts sind eben auf englisch weil das spiel auf englisch sein wird und wir damit eben ein größeres zielpublikum erreichen können. auch sind die leute die ds hombrew machen eher der englischen sprache mächtig. Aber für alle die uns gerne auf deutsch schreiben möchten, bitte tut dies!

  • Aschaschi

    Ne, Deutsch ist ebenfalls völlig in Ordnung! Fragen und unsere Antworten können wir dann auch gegebenenfalls, sollten wir das Gefühl haben, das deren Beantwortung allen anderen auch noch von Nutzen ist zusätzlich auf Englisch übersetzen! Also gar kein Problem! Gerne auch auf Deutsch posten!

    Nah, to write in German is also totaly okay! We can still translate your questions and our answers if we’ve got the feeling that they are of great interest for other users, too! So no big deal! Feel free to write us in German, too!

  • gorjuss

    hey ladies, that is one fine picture you got there!! Where do you got these splendid Halloween illustrations form? The eye muffins are just so cool! And your Frankenstein Cupcakes too ! I’m gonna tell my sis to bake them for me. she’s real good at it.

  • gorjuss

    @Aschaschi did you do a special costume? You got blood all over you, and somewhat pale skin.


    Gotta love them calaveras. Cannot stand Halloween in the slightest, but I love the Mexican Dia de los Muertos.

  • oahina

    Hey Leute,
    ich finde ja die fingerbenägelten Würstchen besonders
    eklig gelungen!
    Außerdem scheint irgendein Zombi in mein brain gestormt zu sein……..wie kommt es sonst, daß das Kürbissuppen-Rezept (köööstlich, unbedingt ausprobieren) in diesen Blog gelangt ist??????

  • Joker86

    Oh my god! Look what you made of me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofm-HJJIpu4

    I couldn’t decide what to try, so I tried everything ^^

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