Lizza is learning how to walk!

Hey followers,

this is Aschaschi writing again! I want to grant you a quick look at some of the new and still raw animation I did! I had quite some fun doing them, but I wish I would have much more time to invest into further improving my skills! At the moment working on ZOMBASE feels like working on five projects at the same time: First we want to present all the characters to you guys within time, then we’ve got to do the GUI (graphical user interface) the in-Game graphics backgrounds, character animation etc., we have to draw the cut scenes and – because this is a diploma project – we also have to write some theoretical text. But having you guys around and your support makes all that much easier! Yeah! So:

Yesterday I did some running animation for Lizza. It’s still rough and tough (and a little to fast in speed) and as you will see her outfit still misses some details and her hairdo is not completed yet, too.

Also I started to pixel some level elements, which I also put into this post! The house’s facade misses quiet some detail, the lights aren’t there in their final, almighty, shiny glory by now etc.! So please: Keep in mind that there will be quiet some improvements made and that I will post updates on the progress as soon as possible!

But anyway: so, what do you think about this? Do you like the style? What about the colors (this might not be the final color schemes, we might head for something more in style of good old technicolor)? Do you love the old technicolor films /colors as much as Grey-Chi does? I will head back to my desk now … sooo much work left to do … but I will check back on the comment section of cause!

I hope you’re fine and wish all of you guys just the best,

your Happy Happy Creepy Cute team (Aschaschi)

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8 Awesome Responses.

  • gorjuss

    she runs, and ruuuns , aaaaaaand ruuuuuns and never stoppes. I have been watching her for several minutes and due to my slow connection-rate, she sometimes gets real slow which is nice. it has a totally mesmerisin effect on me. you could put all your animation on one screen than it would be like the hamsterdance… grateness

  • Joker86

    I think all of this looks awesome, and the colours are fine. But I would add something to the house in the background… perhaps… erm… windows? Otherwise the surface would look so plain and… well… bit boring…

  • the cool thing about this futuristic model is: All walls are potential windows . from the inside you will be able to use the walls as some sort of projection space as well as from the outside. What you see right now is a plane surface that will turn into displays later on in the design. Depending on the area you move around the displays will show different colors or motives that are matched to the function of the area. The sun shine valley for example will be in bright friendly colors that are chosen to delight the residents. The harbor area will be in saturated colors that are more gloomy. You can see the origin of this concept in the Times square in NY or the uniqua tower in Vienna. The facade is equipped with millions of LEDs that change their color and can be programmed to display animated commercial amongst other things. It is quite impressive and i thought it would work well in this game world. Though i doubt that we will have the time to animate the wall screenings^^


    The 16bit generation approves. I’m sure Konjak would love the concept.


    Addendum: Some advice for the spritework – The head of the character (Lizza, in this case) is significantly too small in comparison to the body. The crux lies in the face, which is barely visible. I recommend to increase the head by roughly 1.5 times in size.

    As far as the animation is concerned, I’d also prolong the phases where the character is stretching its limbs by the factor 1.5 to give the whole motion a more fluent and “bouncy” feel.


    Oh, and since I mentioned the great Joakim Sandberg:


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