Meet Seth, the lone wolf!



Ladies and Gentleman,

we take great honor in being able to introduce to you: Seth Raske, the shadow wolf, the lone hunter and gentle babysitter. We did not spare any efforts in dragging out some well kept secrets that only some members of the crew know about. Secrets that might be based on rumors, but who knows (all intel by Lady Panda). On this file sheet you will see the most fun info about him (e.g. find out what drink is his favorite)!

Lone Wolf  is a hunter but it is also his function to transport some delicate stuff that better not gets seen by the authorities so he is a valuable link to the supply character which use his service for various reasons they do not like to talk about. Good that he tends to be tight-lipped.

Lady P. gave his eMail – address, Facebook ID and Twitter nickname to us! He might not be overly happy to be indulged into a conversation but neither the less: If you want to ask him any question or just want to stay in contact with him TRY, he might get to warm up to you.

Aaaagain and again: Feel happy and free to post your thoughts about this new introduction sheet and rock on,

the very happy, creepy but also overly cute crew! (Madame A. and Miss G.)

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5 Awesome Responses.

  • gorjuss

    Raske? where you you got that name from?

    • Raske: a eerie/scary man.
      as you can see its not as complicated as it might seem. I wanted a Swedish last name for him so i looked up a register for Swedish names. Than I thaught oh well, NOMEN EST OMEN and so he ended up with the name Raske: “ein furchterregender Mann” aus Von der Schrift und den Schriftarten von Sonja Steiner-Welz. S.188

  • Aschaschi

    Hey gorjuss,
    Grey-Chi came up with it! May be she will be around soon and I am sure she can anwer your question. It has quiet some meaning, for that I know!

  • Joker86

    Child bodyguard? That’s like in Mexico City. I hope he cuts off the fingers of guy who kidnapped his customer, like Denzel Washington did. This was great fun to watch! ^^

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