Meet Lady Panda, the secretive!



Dearest readers,

today we present to you … Lady Panda. As she does not willingly provide any significant information about herself (like she did for all the others) we suggest to just hang on till we take the game into action.

Lady Panda takes a special function in the crew, she acts as the eyes and ears, that go beyond the two pairs of a human. She has proven the ability to gain access to central citys surveillance system, as well as to  keenly acquire any information about a person be it mere gossip or  full-blown facts. Some bad mouths claim half the rumor she trades with is triggered by herself, but as she would say “season every grain of of truth, with some good old fiction, and they’ll be all ears”. She shows remarkable skills in programming and hacking and is therefore the perfect complement to the Prince and his hardware skills.

Lady P. left her eMail – address, Facebook ID and Twitter nickname to you! She is a social butterfly and eager to join into some rough and tough discussions.

With kind regards,

the double happy, creepy cute crew! (Madame A. and Miss G.)

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2 Awesome Responses.

  • Joker86

    This one looks really cute. I would LOVE to show her my honey dripping side, but I fear I can’t take off my pants in the public ;-)

    She seems like to be some prettier version of S.H.O.D.A.N… with fur… which promises to be funny ^^

  • knock the haters, this shit’s legit.

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