10 Awesome Responses.

  • Aschaschi

    I love all of the designs … and a special love-overload goes out to the Joker, for his great and awesome squirrel fanart :) ))))) I ADORE IT!

    We are very happy that we finaly got a logo! So the sticker production can start soon, too! YEAH! I hope we will really find the time to start some cool contest soon,too, with a lot of give aways,… but at the moment more of a problem is the number of contestants XD … Because a lot of you read or posts, even check back frequently, but it’s hard to guess if we would get one or over ten fanart entries …



  • Better not do a whole-train on that one ;)

  • Hamsterbacke

    Das dritte Logo von unten sieht aus wie ein Vierus.
    Gut nachempfunden.

  • YoshiInAVoid

    I’m back!

    I’ll switch the logo in the game right away!

  • Aschaschi

    Hey Yoshi, glad that you’re back!
    We will be able to send you final logo and menu graphics soon, including the buttons and stuff! I am really looking for to that! Let’s have a lot of fun putting all that stuff to work! YEAH! ;)

  • Dalia

    Das Logo springt superquietschig ins Auge.
    Ein tolles Graffiti. :-) )

  • Aimy

    love the logo! What a funky combination of colours! yellow, pink, orange and blue really make a happy creapy cute logo! And yeah it works on the crazy design of this blog too! Never seen that colours in a zombie-game xD Makes the stile unique!

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