The Prince’s Wardrobe! Concept Peek!

Hey beloved readers, feeders and followers,

this is the last outfit concept sneak-peek! I hope you will enjoy it very much. So, all eyes on Martin Jezizi G’Gouse aka The Prince of Bad Hair, the crews talented modder and tech-freak.

He is so flamboyant! Therefor it was real hard to come up with the right outfit (and  hair was a big issue with him, too!). Since he loves fashion design and has such a colorful personality I had to come up with something cool, a bit crazy … but still practical, because he works, dances and parties all the time! First I went for some “bad hair” and this was quiet helpful, because it supported finding out what different styles of outfits I to try: I did this japan-like spiky hair does, a mullet (one of the worst hair does of all ages, if you ask me) and finally a quiff. Here are the four main design ideas for you to check out. Click on the concept art, to see it in full size and quality!

First I tried sort of a “rocker style” with the Japanese spiky hair thingy, but that did so not work for him (see No. 4), because it didn’t fit his characteristics. Then I went for some stylish outfit (see No. 3) with middle high boots, and that was quiet okay, because it somehow shows a sense of fashion, but still: it isn’t crazy and fresh and new enough! No. 2 was sort of a basic Hip Hop outfit with a shirt by the famous label Y(ou). But it isn’t something extravagant. By doing  some clothes fitting the quiff I finally produced something to go with! The rockabilly and glam like style is very flashy and something only a strong, self-confident person would wear.


Since the Prince loves colors, his outfit has quiet some to it! Check out this:

What do you think about the Princes final outfit? Do you like the awesome golden pants? Tell me in the comment section!

We wish you an awesome and happy new year 2012,

your Happy Happy Creepy Cute team (Aschaschi)


P.S.: You want to add the Prince on Twitter and/or Facebook? Go ahead, … he is a real social light and will gladly chit-chat with you, guys!


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6 Awesome Responses.

  • The last outfit is relay a mix out of different music generations the prince likes on a hobby base. He is interested in all sorts of music and dances which he tries out like clothes. So i thought it would be cool to show it this in his style: pants an shoos are Jackson. The jacket is Greese style, the shirt is from the 80 disco techno era the hair style of course is Elvis. From the style of clothes so to say, he is the essence of glamourous rockstars. It will be very interesting what kind of music the ape comes up with for him.

  • I love that Aschaschi gave him this James Dean look in the close up shot. totally funk’s up the rock glamour!

  • haumamea

    Aloha, Aschaschi und Grey-Chi!

    Die goldene Hose ist ja schon sehr gelungem aber diese Haartolle macht dem Namen des Kerls alle Ehre ,,,,
    traut er sich wirklich so auf die Straße???

  • Dalia

    Eigentlich fand ich Entwurf Nr.4 des Prince of Bad Hair niedlicher. Die Tolle ist schon etwas gruselig.

  • Joker86

    This guy looks really kind… but something is weird about him… I don’t know… some time ago I knew a guy who looked almost exactly like this. I was still doing catching at that time, and he was in our sports club. He was really nice and attentive, he even spent me some bears after training sometimes. But he had a bad back, so every time when we took a shower after training his soap slipped out of his hands (literally EVERY time -.-) and then he asked me to pick it up again, what I did of course. But I still don’t know why he was breathing so heavily after I picked up the soap… I guess his stamina wasn’t the best, either…

  • Joker86

    I mean: he spent me some beers, not bears… after training we always took a shower, so we knew each other’s bear, anyway xD

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