A funky monkey? or “Hello, I’m an Ape and I’m doin’ Music.”

Behold, dear friends and readers!
(well, not really friends because you don’t know me yet, but… ah, >whoops< it)

As mentioned a few posts before (on the 29th of November) by Grey-Chi, me, “Mister Fonky Monkey, da Beat Conducta” (for short: “Ape”) is now part of the Zombase family. Hip-Hip… Hooorraayy!!

As my two beloved companions are conducting the whole process of the game, I’m in charge of the auditory department of the game. Although Grey-Chi labeled me as ‘one of the most talented musicians in town’, I’m pretty sure that there are some mad mother>whoops< out there who beat the >whoops< out of me. But my musical output ain’t that bad at all and I’m looking forward to provide you guys with some in-depth information about the progress I’m making, what kind of crazy-ass >whoops< is floating around in my wiggly head and, of course, you’ll gonna get to listen to stuff.
(for those who wonder: My doctor told me, that I was cursing too damn much, so he gave me a pill, which is causing my mouth to spit out an >whoops< for every curse-word used… don’t blame me, blame curative medicine!!)

Not long ago, the girls and I had a pretty conspirative session up in my studio-place and after some hot chocolate and pretty educating conversations about homosexuals, future-planning and other crazy >whoops<, I gave ‘em a few examples of my work and we started to categorize, what we already have.

Right now I’ma doing some research about what kind of files, bit-rates and freqzencies do I have to use to get my >whoops< rollin’ on the NDS-System without sounding like >whoops<.
As long as I’m on it, you too can experience some of my stuff right here and now.
Behold and be astonished… or at least give me some kind of credit.

Kizu by saloappiah

The Ugly Handsome Stranger (Instrumental) by saloappiah

Ballistik (Pre-Mix) by saloappiah

(I doubt that I am able to deliver SUCH quality-songs to the actual in-game soundtrack, but be sure, it’s gonna be the >whoooops<!!)

But, to make a long story short, I hope you like and enjoy my music and my presence in the zombase-family.
Stay tuned for some more funkeh stuff!!

Peace, Love & Harmony

da Ape


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