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EDIT: This is very old now! Check my newest blog post!

Hi there!

I’ve been part of the Zombase team for almost a year now without saying anything to you guys so I thought it’d be good to just say a few words about how the game is coming along: The game is programmed completley in the C language using the compiler “devkitPro” and two additional libarys called “libnds” and “PAlib”. I work on making everything looking smooth and proffesional; the current version of ZOMBASE already has over 1000 lines!

Recently, Aschaschi has sent me some graphics which look great on the DS! You can see a little screenshot of the menu for example:

The menu for Zombase!

None of the graphics in the game (except the menu graphics) are final at this stage, I have been experimenting using graphics from previous games of mine just to see how everything looks. This is why the game looks like a complete mess and the moment, just see for yourself!

But with all the final graphics and elements in it ZOMBASE will hopefully turn out to be the best NDS homebrew game ever!

Your programmer,

PS: There is a video of me playing a level which I built in an early version of the ZOMBASE system here:

Quality isn’t great but it’s okay.

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  • Aschaschi

    Yeah, Yoshi! I am totally stunned… 1000 lines of code and there is so much more to come O_o! Let’s hope the ZOMBASE code will not fill 200 book pages in the end! It rocks so hard to have you on board, Yoshi! Working with you is fun and it really stuns me how damn fast you are when it comes to implementing the new stuff we produce!

    This project will really make some heads explode!


    Keep the good shit a-comin’, lads and lasses!

  • first of all our own head i presume if we keep that speed up. now with yoshi writing his first entry the team is gatherd and ready to beat it off! i am proud as hell, and thanks to aschaschi everything went smoothly the last days i have been gone. you rock the pixels so hard, like all day and night, i love you girl!

  • while (true) dmaCopy(“bigtime baby”, VRAM_A, 256*192*2);

  • YoshiInAVoid

    I added a video in! Check it out.

  • Aschaschi

    I really enjoyed this video when you’ve send it to me via mail! It was such a great surprise! :) )))))))) I love Lizza walking and if the “running right” animation is there, too, she will rock Megalocity even harder! I love it! We hopefully will be able to get the music and the first levels BG in, too! I will send you a mail about that, Yoshi! :) )) Hopefully I will be able to start doing the BG finals, tomorrow! I want to send them to you latest on Thuesday evening/night!

  • Joker86

    Wow, I just watched the finished demo, and it’s such an improvement compared to this first try!

    Just tell youtube that YOU are the owner of the copyrights for the music, because that crappy page started to restrict any video with music in it, because it COULD PERHAPS contain copyrighted material without permission of the GEMA… I mean… what the f***?

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