Blast some walls, heads and sanity!

Hey slayers of the undead,

it’s Aschaschi speaking! Presentation day is close and we want to thank you guys for wishing us luck! We are actually enjoying to work on the ZOMBASE project very much and hopefully all of those joining us at Merz Akademie will be able to feel that and will get to love the whole colorful package, too! <- That sounds quiet cheesy I know, but … Hey! Non of us slept much during the last weeks ;) !

Anyway: to thank all of you guys, Madame Aschaschi sat down and came up with a little papercraft which she wants to share with you here! I really hope that you will have fun printing, handcrafting and displaying this … all your friends will be jealous if they see your cool and awesome miniature of Lizza’s ghetto blaster! I totally love papercrafts: this one is very, very easy to do, even if you never did one before, so do not hesitate to try! This is just a preview picture! Don’t actually print this one out, the quality is much too low … use the PDF – version that hides behind the download link!

PDF Download Link!

Lizza’s blaster was designed and build by the Prince of Bad Hair! It can spread the beats at more then 140 dB, no wonder she never leaves the house without this mind-fucking party-machine! Grey-Chi also had the idea of adding eyes to the blaster, you could try that, too. Simply draw some eyes on a blank paper and sick them on or draw directly on the blaster.

May be we will be able to post pictures of our lovely little paper-blasters, soon! Feel free to do so, too! Show us where you placed your blaster, or where you took it to!

Rock on, dudes and dudettes,

your Happy Happy Creepy Cute team  (Madame A.)


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