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Hey there, boys and girls,
dear friends and readers.

(btw: That >whoops< is delicious!!! Sweet Jesus!!!)
Since there is quite a bit going on in the Zombase kitchen, I was thinking, maybe this is a good time to show you guys some results of the musical work it did so far.
It’s not much since I didn’t have much time (u know, I got hospitalized because I fell of a cliff an broke two legs and then I lost my eyesight on the right side and then somebody broke my nose, my girlfriend left me and then my car broke down… … well, I’m just fooling’ around… but I was really busy).


This is considered to be the Main Theme.
Although it is not finished yet, it sure has it’s… well, u know… swagger. I like it pretty much, either do the girls.

And this one right here is the first stage BGM you’ll get to hear in-game. It’s not too much, it’s pretty polite and down to earth and not upsetting anyone… I hope so.

Alright, and here’s Lizzy’s theme. Well, if you know her, there is absolutely no question about that tune. It fits perfectly on her.

And so does the theme for Prince with its retro touch and its… well… kinda sparkly sounds.

And the last two tracks are not specified yet but I think they are worth showing you guys.

And here are my conceptional thoughts to the music in Zombase:

I’m working with pretty much of my own musical preferences like UK-Electro, Drum’n'Bass, Funk, Jazz, other Electronica Stuff and Trip Hop and … Stuff like that.
And I am trying to create a very unique soundscape for the game since it is playing in a fictional future-world and who knows, what creepy kinds of genres there will be… so we decided to create our own genre-titles.
I do not seek to create some completely new types of genres since that would be… well pretty much impossible. I’m just mixing up stuff I’m capable of and I am trying to do a little variation on how I am used to hear stuff (for Instance I’m mixing some synthesizers in a funky song or I’m using classical instruments over an electronic beat).

So, that would be it.
I’m still going on in creating ideas and tracks for the game and mixing the ones I already have. I just could not hold my self from posting this songs for you guys :)
Hope you guys enjoyed my stuff and the sneak-peak into my musical mind.
We shall meet again!



Me and my band have just released our first EP for free download on our website.
Make sure to drop by and check it out, it’s not that bad.

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  • gorjuss

    I very much appreciate this kinda music. Are you going to release a soundtrack anytime soon? My favorite track is the rhythmic love letter. No wonder, since my favorite character of all is the prince.. He is grand!!

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