Enter the stage, get Zombiefied!

 -captured by the zombieficator, showing its makers: Mario Jäkle & Jan Schäfer!

Mona speaking: The Zombieficator was one of many interactive features our diploma exhibition room carried. I had the idea pretty much since we started to develop ZOMBASE. The first version I imagined was analogue with a galas plate with a semi transparent pixelated  Zombie face drawn on it, so one could stand behind it and become visually zombieficated. A Polaroid should make the photos. This was the first concept of an analogue Zombiefier that transformes the own image over into the style of the game. But since we had other things to care about with a higher priority, I had to come up with an alternate solution that fitted and was less time consuming to build.

Two weeks before the exhibition i discussed the matter, by accident, with one of my co-students Jan. He laughed and said that  Mario and he programmed a very similar project to what I had in mind. They proposed to alter it, so that everything would get that greenish color. I drew up some rough and tough looking zombie eyes. And in a blink of an eye we had this sweet little tool. It was programmed with Processing in addition to a face-detection plug-in so the eyes could be replaced.

this is only a tiny selection, if you are missing the one with you in it, e-mail us: happy_happy_creepy_cute@zombase.com! We will send you the missing ones.

last but not least we want to thank our friends who stood by us all weekend long and helped us dissembling the the equipment. THX a lot guys, you have been a big help!




We also thank all the visitors of the exhibition, it was fun to show you around!

the HHCC Crew (Madame A. and Miss G.) with their little unicorn-chams…



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