Ya have 2 know how 2 treat it …

Hey, beloved readers, posters and followers!

This is Aschaschi speaking. I want to keep you updated; we got some very interesting news for all of you guys. We just finished our first  version of the game treatment. The treatment is a document explaining some about the game world, the  game’s story, the characters and of cause the game play and feel! (Some of you might know, that we didn’t only focus on ZOMBASE the game-comic-crossover, but had to write a theoretical text (to impress our diploma profs ;) ). We wrote about the phenomenon of fandom, related it to the economics of the game industry and came up with a model showing the fan as a dedicated, aptly producer. We wrote all of that in German language, so we decided to write the treatment in German, too, and to translate it later on. So sad but true: I can’t post passages of the treatment, to show you guys what’s going on.)

Grey Chi is taking over: But we are able to show you the funny, scribbily comics that illustrate the gameplay. Aschaschi’s sketch above is showing the item/ collectable pick up-system. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I love her style. Read the rest of this entry »


A word from your programmer!

EDIT: This is very old now! Check my newest blog post!

Hi there!

I’ve been part of the Zombase team for almost a year now without saying anything to you guys so I thought it’d be good to just say a few words about how the game is coming along: The game is programmed completley in the C language using the compiler “devkitPro” and two additional libarys called “libnds” and “PAlib”. I work on making everything looking smooth and proffesional; the current version of ZOMBASE already has over 1000 lines!

Recently, Aschaschi has sent me some graphics which look great on the DS! You can see a little screenshot of the menu for example:

The menu for Zombase!

None of the graphics in the game (except the menu graphics) are final at this stage, I have been experimenting using graphics from previous games of mine just to see how everything looks. This is why the game looks like a complete mess and the moment, just see for yourself!

But with all the final graphics and elements in it ZOMBASE will hopefully turn out to be the best NDS homebrew game ever!

Your programmer,

PS: There is a video of me playing a level which I built in an early version of the ZOMBASE system here:

Quality isn’t great but it’s okay.


A funky monkey? or “Hello, I’m an Ape and I’m doin’ Music.”

Behold, dear friends and readers!
(well, not really friends because you don’t know me yet, but… ah, >whoops< it)

As mentioned a few posts before (on the 29th of November) by Grey-Chi, me, “Mister Fonky Monkey, da Beat Conducta” (for short: “Ape”) is now part of the Zombase family. Hip-Hip… Hooorraayy!!

As my two beloved companions are conducting the whole process of the game, I’m in charge of the auditory department of the game. Although Grey-Chi labeled me as ‘one of the most talented musicians in town’, I’m pretty sure that there are some mad mother>whoops< out there who beat the >whoops< out of me. But my musical output ain’t that bad at all and I’m looking forward to provide you guys with some in-depth information about the progress I’m making, what kind of crazy-ass >whoops< is floating around in my wiggly head and, of course, you’ll gonna get to listen to stuff.
(for those who wonder: My doctor told me, that I was cursing too damn much, so he gave me a pill, which is causing my mouth to spit out an >whoops< for every curse-word used… don’t blame me, blame curative medicine!!)

Not long ago, the girls and I had a pretty conspirative session up in my studio-place and after some hot chocolate and pretty educating conversations about homosexuals, future-planning and other crazy >whoops<, I gave ‘em a few examples of my work and we started to categorize, what we already have.

Right now I’ma doing some research about what kind of files, bit-rates and freqzencies do I have to use to get my >whoops< rollin’ on the NDS-System without sounding like >whoops<.
As long as I’m on it, you too can experience some of my stuff right here and now.
Behold and be astonished… or at least give me some kind of credit.

Kizu by saloappiah

The Ugly Handsome Stranger (Instrumental) by saloappiah

Ballistik (Pre-Mix) by saloappiah

(I doubt that I am able to deliver SUCH quality-songs to the actual in-game soundtrack, but be sure, it’s gonna be the >whoooops<!!)

But, to make a long story short, I hope you like and enjoy my music and my presence in the zombase-family.
Stay tuned for some more funkeh stuff!!

Peace, Love & Harmony

da Ape



The Prince’s Wardrobe! Concept Peek!

Hey beloved readers, feeders and followers,

this is the last outfit concept sneak-peek! I hope you will enjoy it very much. So, all eyes on Martin Jezizi G’Gouse aka The Prince of Bad Hair, the crews talented modder and tech-freak.

He is so flamboyant! Therefor it was real hard to come up with the right outfit (and  hair was a big issue with him, too!). Since he loves fashion design and has such a colorful personality I had to come up with something cool, a bit crazy … but still practical, because he works, dances and parties all the time! First I went for some “bad hair” and this was quiet helpful, because it supported finding out what different styles of outfits I to try: I did this japan-like spiky hair does, a mullet (one of the worst hair does of all ages, if you ask me) and finally a quiff. Here are the four main design ideas for you to check out. Click on the concept art, to see it in full size and quality!

First I tried sort of a “rocker style” with the Japanese spiky hair thingy, but that did so not work for him (see No. 4), because it didn’t fit his characteristics. Then I went for some stylish outfit (see No. 3) with middle high boots, and that was quiet okay, because it somehow shows a sense of fashion, but still: it isn’t crazy and fresh and new enough! No. 2 was sort of a basic Hip Hop outfit with a shirt by the famous label Y(ou). But it isn’t something extravagant. By doing  some clothes fitting the quiff I finally produced something to go with! The rockabilly and glam like style is very flashy and something only a strong, self-confident person would wear.


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Meet Prince, the god of the mod!



Dearest readers,

today we present to you the last member of Lizza’s Crew … The Prince of Bad Hair.  Lady Panda played nice and gave his file to us, too! Of cause not without changing some of the info (again).

The Prince is a very important Supply character, because he mods all the technical equipment. He build Lizza’s ghetto blaster, too. One says: If you pump up the volume this blaster will blast holes through solid walls! As you see: the Prince actually really knows what he is doing!

The Prince’s parents are both fashion gurus, so he is also the one designing outfits for all the members of his crew and as I heard Lone Wolf and Old Captain had to negotiate real hard to get “the OK” to dress in black mainly.

But enough of all the chit-chat: the Prince left his eMail – address, Facebook ID and Twitter nickname to you! Just ask him a question about his nickname “Prince of Bad Hair” and you will get an answer for sure!

Have fun and stay clear of zombie bites,

the sooooooo happy, creepy cute crew! (Madame A. and Miss G.)


Merry Christmas, gouls!

Hey, beloved readers!

The whole ZOMBASE team wants to wish you a Merry Christmas! Have fun, what ever you do! We hope you will get a lot of presents! And have some time to chill! Lizza got some for you, too! She wanted to show them of, so I did a real quick doodle showing her and all the awesome gifts!

Hugs & Kisses,

the Happy Happy Creepy Cute team (Aschaschi & Grey Chi)