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The Wolf’s Wardrobe! Concept Peek!

Hey beloved readers, feeders and followers,

time for a new outfit concept sneak-peek! This time all eyes are on Seth Ruske, the lone wolf and the crews toughest Hunter. First I want to share some more of his bios with you. Grey-Chi wrote down quiet some interesting info about his background:

He started out as a Runner; fetched and brought all kinds of things from A to B for money. At the same time he became a Traceur learning all moves necessary to do Parkour, but also to blend into the streets and get invisible. He’s been a wild thing than, striving around with a pack of other hunters, “The Street Has Claws” (also “Streets Claws”)   they called themselves. Over one or the other quarrel they broke apart. Nobody but them know much details on that. All people around him thought he was going to get sucked in deeper into the sinister world of the yakuza-like circles the claws have been working for, but out of the blue he decided to stay a small fry sticking to the delivery service and signing into schooling that made him a certificate childminder. Panda suspects that he took it for a cover up transporting not only children in his baby buggy.

It was tough to come up with something that would fit a character like him. I decided to settle for a rocker guy; rebellious and tough are adjectives well bound up with those guys, aren’t they. Also due he loves to listen to Pure Base the rocker style does the trick! As he loves to stay hidden and blends into the shadows, his favourite color is black of cause. But he needed some eye catcher: This fact gave him the white shoes, the only thing white about his outfit. He is very pedantic when it comes to cleanliness and even through he does Parkour his white, soft leather boots sparkle at every time! The shoes work perfecty fine to show how much he likes everything clean and neat! Here are the four main design ideas for you to check out. Click on the concept art, to see it in full size and quality!

I tried to go with a very sporty, very practical outfit, too (see No.3), but as he is not a man of many words it quiet early got clear that he as well is not a man of many pockets. As you see I tried very different hairdos and beards on him. And if it is hard to decide what color and style the hair should have it’s even harder to decide on the perfect look of the beard. I am sort of happy that he is the only character that brought this extra challenge with him; even through I looove beards. Read the rest of this entry »


Meet Seth, the lone wolf!



Ladies and Gentleman,

we take great honor in being able to introduce to you: Seth Raske, the shadow wolf, the lone hunter and gentle babysitter. We did not spare any efforts in dragging out some well kept secrets that only some members of the crew know about. Secrets that might be based on rumors, but who knows (all intel by Lady Panda). On this file sheet you will see the most fun info about him (e.g. find out what drink is his favorite)!

Lone Wolf  is a hunter but it is also his function to transport some delicate stuff that better not gets seen by the authorities so he is a valuable link to the supply character which use his service for various reasons they do not like to talk about. Good that he tends to be tight-lipped. Read the rest of this entry »