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Beware The Ape, or: Horray to the Music!

Aloha, friends and readers!

This is Grey-Chi speaking: Today we bring you the best news EVER! One of the most talented musicians in town is now on board of our fine production team.

A huge applause for THE APE!!!

We visited him last week in his studio for an exchange of ideas. By now he is working on a fresh concept for “pure base” the music Lone Wolf is dedicated to! It’s quite an impellent style of music, rich in drum, but also with a keen set of elements that are used in a rather reduced fashion, so your ears will generate concentration. This might seem weird but you will soon experience it all by yourself!

 This is a “googoole welcome remix” to you dear Ape: Willkommen und auf gute Zusammenarbeit!!

 the HHCreepyCute gals (Aschaschi & Grey-Chi)!


Ol’ Captain’s Wardrobe! Concept Peek!

Hey guys (and ghouls),

I hope you enjoyed this year’s trick or treating! We’ve got some new concept arts waiting for you: Today I will show you some of the concept art I did to create Helena Magadan’s pirate-like outfit! I hope you’ll enjoy this showcase.

Helena is 34 years old and so to say the wise and all helpful, caring, determined and honorable, but also from time to time impatient, harsh and unforgiving mother of the crew(s)! As you can see: Helena is a very miscellaneous character! She loves to tell all sorts of stories about her ancestors: Some of them must have been pirates, some must have been samurai, vikings and others Western heroes! It’s quiet strange that she never looses a word about her living relatives. She is a supply character, but don’t you ever think that she isn’t fighter! The ol’ Captain knows how to protect what she loves!

Through she tells all this stories and is as tough as pirates and cowboys together … I decided that her outfit should have some features that are an obvious reference to those genres. But first we wanted to try something different and I gave her look comparable to those of Asian Gothic Lolitas. Click on the concept art, to see it in full size and quality!

Again I started of trying to find a very individual hairdo (but nothing to hyped up)! I wanted her to have some special accessory of recognition value and it didn’t take me too long to come up with the bull skull (I myself love this Western symbol). I also wanted her to wear boots by any means! She’s on here feet 24/7 serving all the guests at Mr. B’s and high heels wouldn’t do the trick! We decided to take look No. 2, because it’s a good mixture of pirate and western style and her hairdo is neither to simple nor to fancy. Read the rest of this entry »